Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tech day

Fixed player floor collision and gravity. Fixed targeting plane for side scrolling.  Fixed projectiles and their collision.

Block out and Shader

Created a Diffuse * Lightmap hsl shader for max to preview the results of my light bakes faster.  Still working on environment.

More environments

Going slowly – but looking a little better.


ShockBots 2 Starts!

I’ve started my 3rd flash game – tentatively titled ShockBots 2!  Check out the video below for what I got done today!

2013-02-22 Revisions

I got feedback from a player – so I made some changes.  The player now slides along walls instead of bumping in to them, and I made the instructions a bit clearer.  Still no bids on my game, but the game has only been approved for sponsorship for a day.

2013-02-20 Trailer!

I created a trailer for my game to hopefully get sponsor’s attention!  Check out SHOCKBOTS


2013-02-20 Revisions

The flash game license guys asked for some revisions to make my game more marketable.  Here’s what I did:

Gameplay Change: Player restarts game with all upgrades from previous games after dying.
Functionality: Added Mute and Pause
Fixes: Fixed mouse cursor disappearing if player takes mouse off stage
Added a prompt to click on stage to continue to get focus.

2013-02-19 Shipped!



ShockBotsIcon I uploaded the game to flash game license!

Here’s hoping it makes some money!


2013-02-19 4AM DONE

Well, I think I am done with the game.  Here is what I did today:

+ 2013-02-18 ART: Textured Player
+ 2013-02-18 ART: Player Animations: Idle, RunF, RunB, RunL, RunR, Death
+ 2013-02-18 ART: Intro Screen
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Player animation blending and facing anim system
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Death resets game
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Death Screen
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Win Screen

The game is playable from start to end and is pretty fun.  It might be balanced a bit too difficult – especially the final boss, but I figure it can be tweaked.  So, today after I get some sleep I’ll play it a few more times and then submit it to Flash Game License and see if I get any bids… Here’s hoping for the best!

2013-02-17 T-rex and player

I textured the t-rex.  The t-rex now bites if the player is near, otherwise it fires homing shots.  I unwrapped the player and have nearly finished texturing him.  All I need to do is finish the hands and animate the run and idle and die for the player and then do an intro / ending screen and I should be done.  Whew!