Monthly Archives: April 2013

Item Import / Export

I added item exporting to my exporter and created a template system that selects all the things I want to export.   Right now I have a map preset that exports vert positions, 2 uv sets, collision, exits, mob positions and types and Items.

I also added an item importer to the game.


I found a primary and secondary sponsor for Shockbots!  It took some rescaling of the game and I am still trying to integrate the API of my secondary sponsor, but after today or tomorrow I can finally put Shockbots to bed and focus on the side scrolling game.  Whew!

2013-04-22 Back to it!

Work’s been going slow – I’m dealing with sponsorship of my first game and it’s kind of a nightmare.  I have a second level for my game and am working on the platforming elements of the levels.