Long time no type

Been finalizing a version of SP1 for another sponsor.  They are asking for tons of changes, mostly in the menus.  It’s taking a lot of work, but it’s stuff I can apply to SB2.  I am currently waiting for them to give me a yes or no on my changes.

Shockbots 2 is coming along slowly as ever.  I have the first level done, a bunch of menu tweaks in, and some gameplay fixes.

He’s a giant list of what I’ve been doing the last month!

+ 2013-05-14 ART: Animating level 0 background trex
+ 2013-05-14 TECH: Added trex boss mob to end of level 0
+ 2013-05-16 TECH: Fixed negative y in exit position
+ 2013-05-14 LD: Polished level 0 jumps and mobs
+ 2013-05-29 LD: Finished first level gameplay
+ 2013-05-30 TECH: Added checkpoint system
+ 2013-06-01 TECH: Set checkpoint radius to 500
+ 2013-06-06 TECH: Broke input into InputHandler class
+ 2013-06-07 TECH: Moved stats to GameVars class
+ 2013-06-07 TECH: Moved UI code from Cinematics and Player to UI2D class
+ 2013-06-10 ART: Added confirm restart and quit button graphics
+ 2013-06-10 TECH: Hooked up Restart & Quit buttons
+ 2013-06-11 TECH: Hooked up Quit confirm YES / NO buttons
+ 2013-06-12 TECH: Hooked up T Rex Cinematic
+ 2013-06-12 ART: Animated up T Rex Cinematic
+ 2013-06-13 TECH: Added jump check to prevent player from jumping too high through objects
+ 2013-06-13 TECH: Fixed exploding mobs – only worked if detonating now works if shot

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