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2013-02-22 Revisions

I got feedback from a player – so I made some changes.  The player now slides along walls instead of bumping in to them, and I made the instructions a bit clearer.  Still no bids on my game, but the game has only been approved for sponsorship for a day.

2013-02-20 Trailer!

I created a trailer for my game to hopefully get sponsor’s attention!  Check out SHOCKBOTS


2013-02-20 Revisions

The flash game license guys asked for some revisions to make my game more marketable.  Here’s what I did:

Gameplay Change: Player restarts game with all upgrades from previous games after dying.
Functionality: Added Mute and Pause
Fixes: Fixed mouse cursor disappearing if player takes mouse off stage
Added a prompt to click on stage to continue to get focus.

2013-02-19 Shipped!



ShockBotsIcon I uploaded the game to flash game license!

Here’s hoping it makes some money!


2013-02-19 4AM DONE

Well, I think I am done with the game.  Here is what I did today:

+ 2013-02-18 ART: Textured Player
+ 2013-02-18 ART: Player Animations: Idle, RunF, RunB, RunL, RunR, Death
+ 2013-02-18 ART: Intro Screen
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Player animation blending and facing anim system
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Death resets game
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Death Screen
+ 2013-02-18 TECH: Win Screen

The game is playable from start to end and is pretty fun.  It might be balanced a bit too difficult – especially the final boss, but I figure it can be tweaked.  So, today after I get some sleep I’ll play it a few more times and then submit it to Flash Game License and see if I get any bids… Here’s hoping for the best!

2013-02-17 T-rex and player

I textured the t-rex.  The t-rex now bites if the player is near, otherwise it fires homing shots.  I unwrapped the player and have nearly finished texturing him.  All I need to do is finish the hands and animate the run and idle and die for the player and then do an intro / ending screen and I should be done.  Whew!

2013-02-16 T-rex

I finished the t-rex anims and unwrapped the t-rex model.  Tomorrow I’ll finish texturing it and start on the player.  Man I want to be done.

2013-02-15 T-Rex and mini map

I changed the map to be a 5×5 grid, with 3 random boss rooms.  The first boss is a giant Chomper, the second the spider and the third is a giant t-rex.  I got the T-rex model in and a walk cycle done.  I still need to texture it.  I normalized the player speed so 45 degree angles aren’t faster than horizontal or vertical movement.  I also created a minimap showing rooms the player has been in as dark green, unexplored rooms as black, and current room as either red or bright green depending on if there are enemies present in it.

I am really close to finished – just need to finish up the t-rex, texture and animate the player, and create an ending screen.

2013-02-14 Textures

I am not a fan of texturing.  I finished the spidroid and power up textures.  I created different projectiles for each round type.  I animated a chomper sleep and wake.  I removed unused textures and consolidated onto fewer texture sheets for a one meg savings putting me back at around 2.5 megs including audio and music.  I animated the Spidroid boss walk and die.

Nearly at the finish line.  I need to animate and texture the player and add a death screen.  I need to make the map a square array of 30 rooms and make a minimap.  I also need to add 2 bosses – one will be a chomper redeco and the other hopefully a T-rex.

2013-02-13 Music Mobs and Doors

I created the 2 music tracks for the game – an action theme that plays when there are enemies and a calm theme when the room is clear.

I also created the last batch of sound effects for the game:

  • mob bite / melee
  • player hurt
  • weapon over heat
  • explosive impact
  • mob bullet
  • power up
  • loot drop

I added a weapon overheated and power up text displays and randomized the spawn positions used by mobs.  There was a bug where mobs were spawning at incorrect locations instead of at their spawn points, and I think it was because the mob array wasn’t being cleared properly.  I think I fixed it and I haven’t seen the issue but I’m not sure.  Its a game breaking bug so I’ve been playing the game a lot to test it.  I sped up the boomer and added sleep and wake animations for the Boomer and Chomper.  I finally textured the doors and the boss room arrow.  Getting close to done.   Still need to texture and animate the player, texture the shooter and shooter boss.  Also I want to add 2 more bosses, if possible.